From the Origin to the Future
The art of taste since 1928: The futuristic story of a great coffee and of three generations.
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For the last century, the history of Caffe’ Circi and that of the Eternal City have merged, creating an explosion of scents, colors and memories. It has now been more than 90 years that the exotic aromas of Caffe’ Circi fill Rome’s alleys with ancestral fragrances. The “art caffe’” Circi has continued to evolve, looking to the future and innovating the world of coffee with dynamism and imagination.

Circi’s art and history began in 1928, during the artistic years of Futurism,  has never stopped renewing while mantaining its values and traditions. In the same year, the founder Michele, determined to create an exceptional coffee, gave life in Rome to one of the first high quality blends also thanks to his family’s strong personality, always ready to take up new challenges on new ideas, blends and tastes.

Since then, Circi Caffe’ has been inspiring the people of Rome and around the world. Passion and tradition are Circi’s “push”, like that of a good coffee in the morning, which has been handed down for three generations and will continue to be Circi’s trademark. 2018 is the year Circi family celebrated these values with you, coffee lovers, proposing new blends and exploring other cultures at same time.

A year to be remembered also for the ability to keep pace with the needs of the environment and our customers.

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