Circi Caffè puts art into taste in every product of its rich range of espresso coffees: coffee beans, ground coffee, capsules “Capsa” and pods. In addition to coffee, Circi offers other excellent drinks for a break both at home and at the bar, such as Orzo and Ginseng.


The Gran Caffè Circi in beans and all the other specialties of Caffè Circi dedicated to the Horeca circuit, represent the highest quality for the preparation of a perfect coffee, with an intense aroma and a persistent taste, a round and soft taste, conquering everyone, passionate , professionals and bar customers. Here is the family of Circi espresso coffee beans: Gran Caffè Circi, White Blend, Super Cream Silver Blend, Gold Blend, Decaffeinated Coffee Blend (jute texture and silver texture), Raja Komodo, ABC (Circi Organic Aroma), ” Circi ’28 “(100% Arabica).


Already grinded with professional techniques, Caffè Circi is ready to release the unmistakable aromas of the blends, chosen with love and care, directly to your home. Caffè de Plata, Gran Caffè Circi, Raja Komodo, the Decaffeinated Coffee Blend, “Circi ’28” with 100% Arabica blend, are products that allow you to enjoy a good and artfully made coffee even with mocha.

Single valuable origins are also available seasonally.


The art in the taste of Caffè Circi is also contained in the single-dose capsules, Capsa, ready for a burst of energy at any time of the day. Comfortable and easy to use, they maintain the aroma of the blends used and mixed with wisdom by Circi. Even the disposable paper papers maintain the quality of the coffee making it creamy and full-bodied in the cup.


The complementary products of Circi are unmistakable, like the Caffè Circi, thanks to the variety of tastes and the high quality of the raw materials with which they are prepared. Barley, ginseng, tea, creams, chocolate, guarana and many other drinks, perfect especially for bar dispensers.