Caffe’ Circi, the “Art in Taste”
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For the last century, history and art of Caffe’ Circi and the art of  Rome have merged. The exotic aromas of Caffe’ Circi have been creeping into the scented alleys of the Eternal City for 90 years and they have continued to evolve since then, evoking emotions to the Romans and to all the fans of high quality coffee in the world. The art of Caffe’ Circi is reflected in their products, in the strength of the brand and in the beautiful objects designed to celebrate the first 90 years of the Roman company.

The art of researching and creating the perfect coffee blend, gives access to a “secret map” to find a taste for everyone, working on a mosaic of hints and flavours released in every sip.

Since 1928 Caffe’ Circi has been taking care of every detail and its coffee is able to amaze in every sip, like the works of art you see while walking around Rome..Caffe’

Circi and Rome, a long history of aromas!

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