Circi, tutoring by passion
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To get the most out of the coffee, the knowledge of the person who prepares the blends and serves the coffee is also required. For this reason, Circi contributes to the training of professionals who use espresso machines or run workshops on latte art and espresso sommelier. The courses are held at the headquarters in Via Prenestina (Rome) but also at different locations in Italy, feel free to check our website for dates and locations.

Training is also available on-site.

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Atypica e Caffè Circi. L’arte della formazione nella Latte Art
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Renewal and innovation for the Roman coffee world thanks to the sharing and collaboration project launched by the Atypica team. Producers, exhibitors and consumers are the main actors of the great quality leap that a training project can bring that involves all the realities that deal professionally with coffee and related, aimed at the ever-increasing satisfaction of those who enjoy it at the bar or at home.

Over the years, Pietro, Marco and Paolo have carried out courses and training models that make Atypica a leader in the sector, capable of activating together with the other realities that enhance it a virtuous circuit that is already changing the way coffee is made and enjoyed. in Rome, and not only.

Caffè Circi is an active part of the Atypica project and hosts its training courses (Latte Art and others) in the roasting plant in Via Prenestina, Rome, as well as participating enthusiastically in the numerous activities and initiatives of the Atypica Roma Team.

The Team is in continuous evolution and, especially for the professionals of the administration, the Dbase aTypica for the orientation to the job is in phase of beginning, that will allow all the operators of the sector to find qualified personnel.

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All Atypica Services and Courses:
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  • Training and consultancy activities integrated in coffee roasting companies
  • Communication and marketing consulting and services
  • Organization of private and public Cafeteria events
  • Professional training in the field of Cafeteria, Barman (Cocktail bar)
  • On-site consulting for administration and professional activities
  • Consultancy for start-up activities in the HoReCa sector
  • Integrated training support for Professional Schools
  • Study and improvement trips on the coffee supply chain
  • Orientation and professional integration.
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