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Liquore Circi

Dark Pleasure Liquore
al caffè di Circi.

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Classico Caffè Circi: the story of three great coffees

Storia di tre grandi caffè

Tradition and modernity, handcraft and new technologies, long experienced classical working and tireless taste for research and innovation: from the twenty’s to today, Classico Caffè Circi brings its high quality blends, perfect balance between taste and flavour, to your trusted bar and restaurant.
Rome 1928: with the creation of its first mixture of coffee, Michele Circi starts one of the most well-known coffee company of today, famous for its firm tradition in blending and careful commercial policy.

The Consortium

ConsorzioThe coffee roasters consortium was created to satisfy the high quality needs of the consumers and to guarantee the best compromise of product/service in Italian cafés. For this reason, the label "Grancaffè", reproduced exclusively on the packages of coffees which pass the Consortium quality test, assures a mixture of excellent coffees; an aroma and smell which brings us to the boundless coffee plantations; a fragrance of impeccable quality.
Classico Caffè Circi, together with the other brands included in the Consortium- all of them leaders in their own regional areas- have worked hard together to guarantee an exceptional espresso coffee.